French revolution

if I would it live through all of this my life will be difficult not only me all the town people were had drastic changes and our economy will shutdown too . this makes me feel like I shouldn’t have too live in town no more because France is having issues and for those outsiders that are not part of France will feel disappoint of it and these drastic changes did not help out country at all it actually led us down for the past 10 years

The scientific revolution

One scientific revolution was to belief in progress and the power of reason. One characteristic of the scientific revolution was the use of experimentation and inductive reasoning. The key idea of the scientific revolution had far reaching effects besides changing the way people thought about the universe. And the use of the scientific method resulted in discoveries in medicine, physics, and biology,

The enlightenment was the ability to reason is what makes human unique. Reason can free people from ignorance super and unfair government. The natural world is governed by laws that can be discovered through. Reason like the natural world human human behavior the scientific revolution characteristics were new

Ways to thinking that led to the enlightenment new ideas of the enlightenment
Debated in coffeehouse and public spaces governments should reflect natural laws and encourage education debate .scientific revolution convinced many European thinkers about power of reason scientific method and reason the discoveries made during this period led to a more organized way of understanding things and eradicated a state of ignorance the seventeenth century to human behavior and society during the eighteen century. The scientific revolution influenced the development of the enlightenment values of individualism because it demonstrated the power of the human mind the ability of scientist to come to their own conclusions rather than deferring to instilled authority

John Locke

John Locke main areas of concern were society and government. English philosopher who believed all people are born equal and that Government should protect people’s natural rights.he also believed Monarchs are not chosen by God and in Government by consent Power limited by laws Ideas foundation for modern democracy first book write by John Locke was Two Treatises on Government in 1690 Thomas Hobbes was another philosopher that was against John Locke because of different opinions I agreed with John Locke opinions because he wants people to be equal which that means he doesn’t care about the skin color and wants everybody to believed in God

1) Nelson Mandela was the first black president of South Africa

2) His father a counselor to the tribal chief, died when he was 9 Mandela was then adopted by the tribal chief

3) He fled to Johannesburg to avoid a marriage arranged by the tribal regent

4) In 2005 Mandela announced his son Makgatho Mandela had died of AIDS

5) As a young boy he lived in Qunu a village so small that there were no roads There were only footpaths and families lived in huts

6) Nelson Mandelas favorite breakfast was plain porridge, with fresh fruit and fresh milk

7) He was an activist against apartheid and he was the leader of the armed wing of the African National Congress

8) Nelson Mandela has honorary degrees from more than 50 international universities

9) Nelson Mandela won the Nobel prize in 1993

10) Nelson Mandela retired from Public life in June 1999 and started residing in his birth placee