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Paterson changes

Paterson NJ changes
They should let immigrant people wait 10 years to get their papers done. We. should fix the economy and agree with Barack Obama so he could start working on it so people that cross the border. They will not make the mistake to do it again and risk their lives while crossing the border. We even report people like kids or people that are just about graduate from high school which is not right.
A lot of parks are clean but most of them are not and it is disrespectful for people to throw garbage in parks. Every time people break the law to litter parks they should be ticketed. Most of the parks in Paterson, New Jersey are getting dirty because of the people that don’t care about it come and thrown stuff like soda cans, snack bags, Pepsi bottles, and all of that junk food which is not right. People that work in the city should put cameras on all of the parks so they could get expensive tickets.
Some people lives are destroyed because of the drugs and alcohol and mostly because some of them are addictive to it, It is very hard for them to quit and Try positive stuff but they can’t. They should make a big apartment house and reunite all of the homeless people and teach them that drugs could destroy people’s Lives like it did to them This program will really get their minds of it so they could start again .
These are the things I found negative in Paterson NJ. During these changes the city will progress and shut the bad thing down .


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