1) Nelson Mandela was the first black president of South Africa

2) His father a counselor to the tribal chief, died when he was 9 Mandela was then adopted by the tribal chief

3) He fled to Johannesburg to avoid a marriage arranged by the tribal regent

4) In 2005 Mandela announced his son Makgatho Mandela had died of AIDS

5) As a young boy he lived in Qunu a village so small that there were no roads There were only footpaths and families lived in huts

6) Nelson Mandelas favorite breakfast was plain porridge, with fresh fruit and fresh milk

7) He was an activist against apartheid and he was the leader of the armed wing of the African National Congress

8) Nelson Mandela has honorary degrees from more than 50 international universities

9) Nelson Mandela won the Nobel prize in 1993

10) Nelson Mandela retired from Public life in June 1999 and started residing in his birth placee