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Goverment Shutdown


  1. What are the laws called that Congress has failed to pass?
  2. laws that congress has failed  Violence Against Women ActFirst Special Service ForceFirst Amendment , S 982 , HR 1765 , HR 475 , HR 1246
  1. What programs/offices will continue to run during the shutdown?
  2. few programs that will still run during the shutdown Public Health, Amtrak , Immigration services , Veterans services


3. What programs/offices will shutdown?  programs that will shut down

U.S. Trade and Development Agency,  Office of Government Ethics                               Millennium Challenge Corporation , Federal Trade Commission


4.How many workers will be left without a job or pay?  More than 800,000                  federal workers are furloughed


5.What President was in charge during the last shutdown and how long did             each of those last? Alice Rivlin was in charge of the last government shutdown







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