Japanese Internment

Do you think that the united states government was justified in their treatment of Japanese citizens people during world war II ? It was justified, at the time that is. Now it can be considered as an embarrassmentĀ on the U.S behalf by some because it hugely violated civil rights, the constitution, and we came to find out not many Japanese interned were actually spies. However people at the time feared how loyal the Japanese were to their country, I mean they were resorting to kamikaze missions, plus the racist propaganda against helped justify it to a majority of the people . Like Reagan said it was based on prejudice and war hysteria. It was effective in protecting us from infiltrations,etc,etc. but most can agree is was a little extreme
The war department was overly concerned that people of Japanese heritage would spy on the country and send sensitive messages back to Japan. Do I think it was fair or warranted ,no. How ever we were at war with both Germany and Japan and I think they were trying to cover all their bases. Every country has its own skeletons and this unfortunately is one of them.