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The Great Depression


The Great Depression was one of my worst times in my life back in 1929
The economic was very bad a lot of people were in the streets without
Houses. I remember my mom couldn’t buy me shoes because we was
so poor that I have too walk in the dirt my mom told me that she saw
6,000 street vendors walked the streets of New York City. That was in
In 1930 they was selling apples for 5 cents each me and my family was
So poor that we could even buy an apple for 5 cents when stock speculator
Was a prominent practice, banks lent money to investors to buy stock

Cookie monster

This me and my brother Robert I could still remember that time both of us didn’t have
A pair of shoes to wear we was waiting for our mom to come she was looking for a job
But she couldn’t get one at anywhere she goes. I felt bad for my mother the next day the
Depression spread rapidly around the world because the responses made by governments
Were flawed when faced with falling export earnings the overreacted and severely increased
Tariffs on thus further reducing trade I was so hungry that day that my brother went to look some
Food for me but the only thing he got me it was a damn piece of bread!!! That was like the only left
Piece of bread in the whole world

Angel broke azaz

I have to get in the line so I could finally eat but it was a lot of kids
Sadly I was in the beginning of the line my stomach was asking me
For food I didn’t enough energy to keep through the whole Line
My brother came with me that day it took us five hours to get some
Soup they didn’t have enough soup so I sadly felt bad for my little
Brother he ask me if he could have it so I let him take it because I’m
The older brother .

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